Sunday, July 3, 2016

Team Delft wins the Amazon Picking Challenge 2016

Team Delft wins the Amazon Picking Challenge 2016

We are happy and proud to announce that Team Delft has won both the Picking and the Stowing competitions in the Amazon Picking Challenge. The competition was really intense (just check the results), and we have a lot of fun at RoboCup2016 with the rest of the APC teams.
Team Delft celebrates victory. So many people... try to find the robot!

The stowing challenge was easier than expected, with high scores, and an outstanding performance of Team Delft robot, that stowed correctly 11 products in less than half the max time allowed!

The pick task finals proved to be nerve wrecking. Both Team Delft and our colleagues in team PFN collected 105 points. According to the competition rules, the tie breaker would be the time to successfully complete the first pick; a ‘photo finish’!  The jury maintained the nervous expectancy till the very last minute in the awards ceremony, when they announced Team Delft . NimbRo Picking ended third.

Several news and tech sites have made echo of it:
For more details about the technology behind our robot success, keep alert to this blog in the upcoming days!


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